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Dear seekers of world peace, matrix reimprinting and EFT enthuasiasts and anyone who understands that your thoughts and emotions make a difference to your own life and the world around you.

Are you struggling to deal with world trauma? The plight of refugees? Climate change? Levels of addiction? War? Terrorism? Animal welfare...sadly the list is endless.

Often we feel powerless in the face of such atrocities. 

Asking ourselves, what can I do to help?
Give more to charity?
Continue taking peaceful action by writing to my government and media? 

Yes to all of the above.

Yet, people often tell me it doesn't feel enough. It certainly didn't feel enough for me.

Working in the collective can give us a voice, a safe place to clear our own energy around world trauma so that we can return to love and feel that sense of one-ness with the rest of the human race.

As a conscious being you know the power of your intention.
Meditation studies and intention experiments have shown the power of our thoughts - that they are able to affect changes in the external world. 

With these sessions we will be working in the matrix,
the collective universal field to faciliate change. 


Work collectively in the matrix

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Clear your


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Be the change



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These sessions are based on EFT Founding Master and Matrix Reimprinting creator, Karl Dawson's powerful collective protocol.

The results of this protocol have been profound. 
Expect it to be Powerful. Expect it to be Healing 

 You will be using a positive memory to ground yourself, tuning into the collective field surrounding the subject we are focusing on and then using EFT/Matrix Reimprinting to energetically clear your own negative emotions. 

You will then be guided to a place of healing and given time to work at your own pace doing what you need to do. 

We will be joining together twice a month followed with a 30 minute Facebook session to discuss our experiences afterwards. 

I'm Kate Marillat, Karl's co-Hay House author and I'll be be leading these healing sessions which will also feature guest speakers such as EFT Masters Karl Dawson and Brad Yates exploring subjects close to their hearts.

 Together, as a collective, we can become proficient in this technique so that we can use it in our daily lives either individually or with groups to continue this healing work outside of the sessions. 

I'll be hosting two sessions a month at different times to suit our global audience.

In March, we voted for subjects that we wanted to be included.
Plus in December we will vote again for the charity we will donate all the profits too.  

How can you join?


There is a £1 fee for each session / recording.

£24 for the year from January to December.

This includes all the recordings and access to the remaining live sessions for 2016.

All PROFITS (after expenses) will be going to charity
(Members will vote for the charity at the end of 2016)

There are two time slots per month which will be either facilitated by Kate doing a pure MCC session or a group tapping session with leaders in the EFT field on a subject they are passionate about. 

-> Action for your Mind
-> Action for your Money
-> Action in the Matrix

At the bottom of the page you can go straight to paypal and register for the sessions.

Once you've paid, you'll receive an email where you only need to sign up once for the entire year (you will get reminders with the links 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before each session).



<- Here are the times of the live sessions

*They are all in GMT (London time) so please use a time converter for your local time.
You will get recordings of the sessions within 48 hours. On this email are all of the recordings of the previous sessions which include:

January 18th -  Mother Earth / Pollution
January 19th -  *Sharon King* Conception 
February  8th -  Animal Welfare  
February 23rd - Financial Fear
March 7th  - *Karl Dawson* Generation X /Teenagers 
March 15th - Pain & Disease
April 11th - The field of Separation 
April 19th - *Barbara Saph* Energy Healing for Animals
May 9th - Connecting Everyone to their Higher Selves
May 17th - *Brad Yates* Self-Care rather than Self-Sacrifice
June 13th - Building Resiliance & Thriving Humans
June 21st - *Jacqui Crooks * Ancestral Healing

Coming up for the rest of 2016, we have

July 11th - Brexit - Healing our wounds & a Focus on Peace and Unity
July 19th - *Sally-Ann Soulsby* Using the Human Needs Framework for a fullfilling life and framework for clients
August 16th - Focusing on Mental Illness
August 22nd - Helping those battling with addiction
September 12th - *Jemima Eames* Stress-Free Living
September 20th - Building Inner Strength
October 10th - Helping those affected by Domestic Violence
October 18th - *Cheryl White* Fears, Phobias and Furies
November 7th - Healing Child Abuse
November 15th - *Alina Frank* Healing Generational Sexual Injury
December 5th - Helping the Homeless
December 13th - Sending Love & Peace at Christmas

* all of our speakers are EFT experts and reknowned in their field. These talks are NOT passive experiences but interactive tapping sessions.




Kate and guests will be live in our Facebook group for 30 minutes after each session so we can share our experiences.

Here are some of the wonderful outpourings after  recent sessions:

"Really felt the energy of everyone else joining in... also did a lot of yawning and energy release with colours on the emotions I felt towards what has been happening and then when we reimprinted my heart began to truly warm up and the words acceptance of our individual uniqueness with unconditional love is a place where fear cannot reside.. now feeling very peaceful and grateful to you guys for putting this event together"
Denny Ellis

"Never before have I felt the connection between all of humankind. Then saw the beautiful image of people holding hands all around the world and smiling and talking to each other. Real healing, forgiveness and love.."
Anya Berry

"After releasing sadness, injustice and anger, I experienced a beautiful feeling of all animals and humans connected in peaceful soft pink light" Anne France-Lecat

"VERY emotional experience fo rme, Kate. Could feel all the emotion around this and the power of all of us doing this healing together. Wow!" 
Beverley Connell



Join us in the matrix

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