Matrix Collective Consciousness

#MCC 2017

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Charity Project

Monthly Group Healing Sessions for 

Your Inner & Outer World

In 2015 the MCC programme was born. It grew out of a need to do something about the terrorist attacks in Paris. 

So many of us feel powerless about the atrocities that are happening in our world. 

Everywhere we look there seems to be pain, suffering and division. It's no wonder that we want to turn away.

 If 2016 taught us anything, it's that sitting back and being quiet won't help.

 However, many of us feel overcome by emotion, powerless and unable to help or make any significant difference.

 Finding money or time, when we often feel stretched can feel impossible. 

The Matrix Collective goes some way to help you take back your power, your voice, your energy. 

It's a safe online space where we stand together and share how we are REALLY feeling - rather than the 'I'm fine' answer that we may give in our social circles. 

More than that, it's an interactive space to change and shift our energy as we stand together and refuse to be swallowed in the trauma of the world. Tapping in a group is is powerful, tapping together in the quantum field - even more so. there is deep connection and understanding.

All profits from the MCC go to an EFT charity. In 2016 programme we raised over £800 for the Tappy Twins UK charity which paid for the online support for children to chat with councellors trained in EFT. 

In 2017 the profits will be divided between Tappy Twins and also Life 2 Project, a support hub for women who want to move forward from domestic abuse.

Each month we have two live sessions. One that focuses on your Inner World and one on your Outer world. You do not need to commit to all the sessions. Commit to the ones that resonate with you.  

The Inner world session focuses on strengthening a part of ourselves - confidence, self-esteem, developing our spiritual connection and releasing old beliefs that no longer serve us. 

During the Outer World session we will focus on the external world and move through different locations and groups of people. 

What does this mean for you?


With Your World

With Your Tribe


With Your Yourself

Raise Money For Charity


Stand in that vibration for yourself and others


For Yourself

For The World

EFT Founding Master Karl Dawson & Kate Marillat

Best-selling authors of 

Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life. EFT Tapping using Matrix Reimprinting

The Matrix Collective sessions are based on EFT Founding Master and Matrix Reimprinting creator, Karl Dawson's powerful collective protocol. 

I'm Kate Marillat, Karl's co-Hay House author and I faciliated the MCC project in 2016 which had over 200 members and we met on a monthly basis 

The results of which have been profound. 

“I tapped on anger and helplessness, then a fuchsia rose color came and connected all people affected by domestic violence around the world, and then I saw these people growing up which was amazing. The message was : you can be yourself and take your own place in life.” MCC Member - Anne France Lecat

"This seems to have brought calm and grounded emotions for all of us! Thanks, Kate.I feel our collective strength building up with every session." MCC Member - Christiane Weiland

What are the sessions about?

Inner World Sessions

In these sessions we focus on building or strengthening a part of ourselves. We take this time to replenish our inner resources so we can face important issues fom a calm place. 

We know that we feel strong when we are standing together as a community. That we can focus our life-force energy, let it pass through us and send it out with a strong intention.

Together we will walk through that matrix/memory gateway and firstly tap (use EFT) on what comes up for us. That is what we start with, what we clear so we can become peaceful energy conduits. 

After silent tapping and healing time, I’ll suggest that you extend your vision to the wider world, where you feel drawn to send this emotion, vibration, colour and positive energy.

We reimprint a picture that encompasses all that we feel, see and sense. 

As always, after an Matrix Collective Consciousness (MCC) session, we disconnect, ground ourselves and fine tune our own energy system.

Outer World Sessions

In these sessions we focus on a particular group or place such as women, children or a continent such as Asia.  

We sit with what the subject has brought up for us personally.

We decide on a particular focus that becomes our intention. This is our entry point. We tune in.

We use the same memory protocol, always working on our own energy first, clearing what comes up for us using tapping.  

Then we extend our vision to being open to work surrogately on that group/person or place.  

The power of group intention, prayer and meditation has been well documented - these sessions are about us joining together to bring healing, love and high vibrations to a place, person or situation.

"When a certain number of people come together and they choose at a moment in time to create a precise emotion in their hearts, that emotion literally can intentionally influence the very fields that sustain the life on planet earth." 

Gregg Braden

You have the opportunity to join the MCC team

In March I will hold the MCC Team Training to empower members to take the technique out into their local communities and to hold some of our MCC sessions later in the year.

It is an in-depth training programme covering all the software, marketing and spiritual strategies that I've used to create this programme. 

These are highly transferable skills - if you see holding online sessions as part of your future and business success, then you will learn everything you need to get you started during this training. 

There are also 3 further Q&A tapping sessions throughout the year. 

Following on from this, I will be inviting members to schedule and share their MCC sessions with our community from June onwards - so that we build a solid MCC team.

If you feel this opportunity is for you, please view the alternative payment details on the sign-up page.

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